Work Progresses Steadily On Odaw And Korle Dredging

Category: News Published on 18 August 2016
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Engineers at Dredge Masters Ltd, the contractors for the project, are worried about the rate of continuous siltation of the channels of the Korle and Odaw Lagoons.

During a tour of lagoon to brief journalists on works undertaken, the Director of Operations of Dredge Masters, Sena Adiepena reiterated the need for residents all the sections of the channel to refrain from constantly dumping waste in the Odaw and Korle Lagoons.


The scope of works involved excavation, de-silting and refuse removal from the Odaw Channel.

These activities have included the dredging, clearing or beautification of the banks of the Odaw and Korle Lagoons.

Since the project commenced, works on the Odaw and Korle Lagoons have involved meeting timelines in time for the dangers associated with flooding experienced in that part of Accra to be mitigated, comparative to the previous year’s (2015) disaster.

Progress Of Work Done

    Excavation, De-silting and removal of refuse from the Odaw channel to be completed and handed over to government on 5th September 2016 (or early September).

    Beatification of the Odaw Channel banks to commence soon.

    Korle Lagoon dredging on-going

    Beautification of the banks of the Korle Lagoon to commence soon after the dredging of the lagoon is completed


    Open defecation along the drains

    Dead bodies washed down to operational dredging sites as result of too many human settlement and activities along drains

    Burning of electronic parts and wires i.e. E-Waste, for the extraction of minerals causes poor visibility and toxic smoke being inhaled in the process.

    Rapid re-siltation of drains after dredging slows down operations as having to redo certain section of the drains drags the progress.